About Us

 How it all happened…

Having worked in the nail industry for the past 18 years, working in different salons, from home, for myself. I have used a wide range of products over the years and when this opportunity came around to show my passion and vision it changed the way I looked at the nail world, I wanted to provide the best products for others, to listen to what was wanted and to excite others in the industry with what we produced.

Our products are high quality and we have now perfected the look of the brand to something which I believe stands out from the crowd.

The Mani Club, a family run business has come a long was since 2019 originally Nails by…

I pride myself on our great customer service, listening to our customers and following through with products you want to see.

We appreciate each and every customer who invest in our brand, and support the business through socials and recommendations.

Love Hannah xx